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Repair and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders

We carry out all repairs to hydraulic cylinders including: resealing, replacing rods and barrels, pistons and heads.

We also manufacture new cylinders from scratch, either as full replacements or from drawings for custom projects.

We only use top quality materials including 4140 chrome bar for all our cylinders.


Hydraulic system fault diagnosis and redesign

Fault finding, repair, redesign of hydraulic systems.

Overhaul of hydraulic pumps, motors, valve bodies etc.


Hydraulic hoses

We supply top quality Gates products. The hose, fitting and swage press are all from the one manufacturer, meaning all our hoses conform to a matched system.


Onsite servicing and repairs

We have a fully equipped workshop to service and repair as required.


Mechanical repairs

All servicing and repairs to road transport, heavy earthmoving equipment and truck mounted cranes. We also undertake ten year major inspections.


Pins and bushes

We are the specialist pin and bush people. As well as supplying standard replacement parts, with our machine shop we can manufacture pin and bushes in house and make custom products.


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    Bulldozer Repairs

    Broken Down Bulldozers? Repairs Available in Landsdale, Perth and Wangara

    Bulldozers may well be the most recognisable symbol of the construction industry. It’s hard to think of another piece of machinery that conjures up such vivid and specific associations to building, landscaping, or demolitions. But bulldozers, tough though they may be, aren’t indestructible. Like any other piece of machinery, they can be prone to malfunctions due to worn out parts, improper maintenance, or any number of other potential causes. When this occurs, you don’t want to be without your most powerful and versatile machines. You’ll want to get your bulldozers back on the job as soon as you possibly can, and this means that you need to find someone capable of performing satisfactory repairs on your bulldozers, no matter what might be wrong with them. A general mechanic may not have the required skills or experience for the job, especially when dealing with the hydraulic technology that allows a bulldozer to perform its most important work.

    The solution is to hire someone with specific experience fixing bulldozers. For repairs in Landsdale, Perth or Wangara, this means calling Matchtec. We’re a company that has been providing quality hydraulic repairs and maintenance since 2009, from our home base in Perth as well as our mobile service vehicles. This proximity allows us to visit clients on the job in regions like Landsdale and Wangara, and perform repairs on site. We’ve established a reputation for our low prices, extremely quick turnaround time, and high-quality work. When your bulldozers need repairs in Perth, Wangara or Landsdale, you can trust Matchtec to give you a deal that other competitors in the area just won’t be able to match.

    Highly Affordable Solutions for Bulldozers Needing Repairs in Wangara, Landsdale or Perth

    Matchtec’s mission is to provide the same excellent work to all of our clients, regardless of their budget. That’s why we do our best to offer our repairs at prices you can meet. The comparatively low cost of doing business with Matchtec, relative to the competition, makes choosing us a no-brainer. That’s just one of the reasons why our company is so frequently discussed by other members of the industry in such glowing terms. You could try to find a better bargain for such high-quality service elsewhere, but we’re pretty confident that you won’t. Work as good as ours just doesn’t come at a better price.

    Mobile Service to Repair Your Bulldozer Onsite

    We know that moving heavy machinery can be a real pain, not to mention a time-consuming affair. That’s why we send out mobile service vehicles out to visit you on the job whenever possible, saving you from the expense and the hassle of moving your bulldozer to our workshop. Our blend of convenience, affordability, and efficiency is the perfect trifecta for customers who need bulldozer repairs. Contact us as soon as you can when you need your bulldozer or other hydraulic equipment looked at, and we’ll give you the same excellent service that’s made us so popular in this industry since we began.