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Repair and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders

We carry out all repairs to hydraulic cylinders including: resealing, replacing rods and barrels, pistons and heads.

We also manufacture new cylinders from scratch, either as full replacements or from drawings for custom projects.

We only use top quality materials including 4140 chrome bar for all our cylinders.


Hydraulic system fault diagnosis and redesign

Fault finding, repair, redesign of hydraulic systems.

Overhaul of hydraulic pumps, motors, valve bodies etc.


Hydraulic hoses

We supply top quality Gates products. The hose, fitting and swage press are all from the one manufacturer, meaning all our hoses conform to a matched system.


Onsite servicing and repairs

We have a fully equipped workshop to service and repair as required.


Mechanical repairs

All servicing and repairs to road transport, heavy earthmoving equipment and truck mounted cranes. We also undertake ten year major inspections.


Pins and bushes

We are the specialist pin and bush people. As well as supplying standard replacement parts, with our machine shop we can manufacture pin and bushes in house and make custom products.


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    Crane Repairs

    Matchtec is the Obvious Choice for Crane Repairs in Perth, Landsdale & Wangara

    For as many as seven years, Matchtec Hydraulic and Mechanical Services have been providing essential services to the earth moving, waste management, transport and mining industries (as well as many others), ensuring that key construction and mobile plant equipment remains in top condition. The team at Matchtec has considerable experience, over 60 years in fact in this field, allowing us to provide design and development services that other companies simply cannot. Combine that knowledge and experience with a passion for the job, and the dedication to make sure every job is done right, first time every time; then you have a combination that equals excellence.

    Matchtec, as you might expect, lends its considerable expertise to crane repairs in the Perth area. Cranes are critical to many construction sites, moving large, heavy, and bulky items into place. A feat that would be impossible to manage without these powerful towering machines.

    Crane Repairs in Perth: Keeping your Essential Equipment Quickly and Efficiently

    Equipment breakdowns, especially to heavy machines such as cranes and put a literal spanner in the works for any job. Without the ability to move those heavy objects, your workers cannot move on with their jobs, and the result is a delay, with the added possibility of having to reschedule some trades. Nobody wants these delays, so the trick is having a company on hand that can carry out essential repairs quickly and competently, without fuss or delay.

    When your crane goes wrong, call on Matchtec to help. Matchtec can provide support and assistance towards any aspect of crane repair and maintenance. Many of the functions aboard cranes are hydraulic-related, which as you might expect, is a speciality of ours. We can diagnose and repair faults with hydraulic cylinders and hoses, which are probably the most common components that go wrong on cranes.

    What’s more – the mobile service offered by Matchtec means we can come out to you quickly, and the quicker we get to work, the faster your crane is back up to full operating power and your workers can get back to their jobs.

    We can deal with crane repairs in Wangara, Landsdale, the entire Perth region including Freemantle, and the outlying areas.

    Keeping your Crane Maintained and Working Properly

    It’s all very well being on hand to fix equipment such as cranes when they go wrong – but you’re probably more interested in learning about our Matchtec’s maintenance plans, which help to keep your heavy equipment from going wrong in the first place.

    For all major earthmoving equipment, including cranes, we have a fleet of field service vehicles that can carry out routine maintenance to keep cranes and other heavy gear in full working condition. Preventative maintenance, including ten-year major inspections for mechanical systems, is the best way to keep everything working as it should.

    For more information about our crane repairs in Landsdale, Wangara or Perth, call us at Matchtec today. Our team will be happy to speak to you. 08 9303 2956, or email info@matchtec.com.au