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Repair and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders

We carry out all repairs to hydraulic cylinders including: resealing, replacing rods and barrels, pistons and heads.

We also manufacture new cylinders from scratch, either as full replacements or from drawings for custom projects.

We only use top quality materials including 4140 chrome bar for all our cylinders.


Hydraulic system fault diagnosis and redesign

Fault finding, repair, redesign of hydraulic systems.

Overhaul of hydraulic pumps, motors, valve bodies etc.


Hydraulic hoses

We supply top quality Gates products. The hose, fitting and swage press are all from the one manufacturer, meaning all our hoses conform to a matched system.


Onsite servicing and repairs

We have a fully equipped workshop to service and repair as required.


Mechanical repairs

All servicing and repairs to road transport, heavy earthmoving equipment and truck mounted cranes. We also undertake ten year major inspections.


Pins and bushes

We are the specialist pin and bush people. As well as supplying standard replacement parts, with our machine shop we can manufacture pin and bushes in house and make custom products.


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    Excavator Repairs

    Get the Professionals at Matchtec to Perform Your Excavator Services and Repairs

    All heavy machinery such as excavators, diggers and earth movers rely extensively on hydraulics to provide them with the muscle to move significant amounts of dirt, aggregate and other materials. They do this seemingly effortlessly, thanks to the power of hydraulic cylinders, hoses and pumps all working together in harmony. It doesn’t take much, however, for this symbiotic relationship to be disrupted by a faulty component, effectively paralysing that machine until help arrives.

    When this happens, you want help to come quickly to prevent time loss and the resulting delays. What you don’t want, though, is an engineer to turn up with very little knowledge and experience, who will take a long time to diagnose the problem. Even worse, if they don’t do the job properly, the equipment could just break again, causing more delay. Calling out inexperienced mechanics to work on essential heavy equipment is simply a false economy. You want the job done right, first time!

    For complete and comprehensive on-site repairs of your heavy equipment, you need a team from Matchtec. Matchtec Hydraulic and Mechanical Services should be a number you have programmed into your phone in case you need excavator repairs in Perth, Landsdale, or Wangara. Call today on 08 9303 2956 for an initial chat and discussion on how we can help you.

    Let Us Handle Your Excavator Repairs in Landsdale, Wangara and Perth

    Without serviceable excavators, your work can grind to a halt quickly – a situation you no-doubt want to avoid at any cost. With Matchtec on your side, however, if you need excavator repairs in the Perth, Wangara or Landsdale area quickly, we can quickly get to work, fixing broken hydraulic cylinders, hoses and pumps with our years of experience.

    All of our on-site field service vehicles come with an Aladdin’s cave of spare parts, tools and equipment that will combine to providing a long-lasting repair carried out correctly at the first time of asking. We will also provide a comprehensive inspection of any broken machines, to work out why it went wrong in the first place. Knowing this is the best way to prevent it from happening again.

    By providing this level of service, and offering complete customer satisfaction, at Matchtec we are confident you’ll be impressed with our comprehensive range of repairs and maintenance plans. We even have our own fully-equipped workshop that allows us to fabricate spare parts for a machine if none are available.

    Repairs with Fast Turnaround Times that Don’t Compromise Quality

    When we carry our excavator repairs in Wangara, Landsdale and the Perth area, we don’t skimp on the quality of our workmanship. We know you don’t want to be calling us back to repeat a job. That’s why we do a thorough job to find the root cause of the problem and put it right with quality parts. However, this doesn’t mean we’ll spend ages diagnosing a fault. In many cases, we have the knowledge and expertise to find the problem straight away, so you get the benefit of a speedy repair, and a quality one as well.

    Talk to us today at Matchtec to find out more about our range of services, including scheduled maintenance plans to keep your heavy gear in top condition.