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Repair and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders

We carry out all repairs to hydraulic cylinders including: resealing, replacing rods and barrels, pistons and heads.

We also manufacture new cylinders from scratch, either as full replacements or from drawings for custom projects.

We only use top quality materials including 4140 chrome bar for all our cylinders.


Hydraulic system fault diagnosis and redesign

Fault finding, repair, redesign of hydraulic systems.

Overhaul of hydraulic pumps, motors, valve bodies etc.


Hydraulic hoses

We supply top quality Gates products. The hose, fitting and swage press are all from the one manufacturer, meaning all our hoses conform to a matched system.


Onsite servicing and repairs

We have a fully equipped workshop to service and repair as required.


Mechanical repairs

All servicing and repairs to road transport, heavy earthmoving equipment and truck mounted cranes. We also undertake ten year major inspections.


Pins and bushes

We are the specialist pin and bush people. As well as supplying standard replacement parts, with our machine shop we can manufacture pin and bushes in house and make custom products.


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    Hydraulic Hose Repair Service

    Count on Matchtec for Hydraulic Hose Repair Service in Perth

    If hydraulic fluid is the lifeblood of the equipment and machinery that utilises hydraulic systems, then hydraulic hoses are the veins. A hydraulic hose serves the purpose of delivering the hydraulic fluid to the proper valves, actuators and other aspects of the hydraulic system. Typically, hydraulic hoses are extremely well constructed, bearing reinforcements that allow for extra strength and durability. These reinforcements are crucial since hydraulic systems tend to operate at extremely high pressures levels. Sometimes, though, those high pressures—or the other operational demands of the hydraulic system—can result in hoses splitting, cracking, bursting or other types of damage. In these situations, it is important to have a reliable technician you can call for a hydraulic hose repair service.

    Matchtec: Your Source for Hydraulic Hose Repair in Perth

    If you require a hydraulic hose repair in Perth, Matchtec is ready to help. Since opening our doors in 2009, our business has focused predominantly on repairing, servicing or even redesigning and rebuilding hydraulic systems. From cylinders to pumps to valves and beyond, we know hydraulics, and we know how to identify (and fix) faults when they come to light.

    Our considerable knowledge in this area extends to hydraulic hoses. For our business, Gates hydraulic hoses are the ideal product for conveying fluid throughout a hydraulic system. Not only does Gates manufacture products that are suited to ultra-high pressure levels, but the company also offers one of the most versatile hose ranges of any business in this product niche. No matter the application and no matter the fluid involved, Gates can offer a hose to suit the needs of the customer. Matchtec supplies Gates hoses for all these reasons, as well as for the fact that Gates hoses meet more than 20 standards and certifications set by international regulators. By all objective metrics, these hoses are excellent.

    Hydraulic hose repair isn’t impossible, but it is difficult. Sealing a damaged hose typically will not deliver the level of performance that a new hose would. Certainly, a repaired hose will never offer the level of peace of mind that a brand new one can provide. As such, our teams at Matchtec will usually replace damaged hoses with new products from Gates. By supplying you with a new hose from a manufacturer as reliable as Gates, we can do our job of giving you the best value for your money.

    Hydraulic hoses are not the only products we supply from Gates, either. On the contrary, at the same time that we replace your hydraulic hose(s), we will also replace the corresponding fittings and swage presses. By swapping out everything—and using all parts from the same manufacturer—we create a matched system that will deliver the highest possible levels of performance, safety and durability.

    Call Matchtec Today to Upgrade Your Hydraulic Hoses

    If you think that your system requires a hydraulic hose repair service, get in touch with us at Matchtec. We will survey your system, find any faults and determine if hydraulic hose repair is possible. In most cases, we will outfit your system with the latest Gates hoses.

    Hydraulic hoses are the lifeblood of your hydraulic system. Don’t leave damage unaddressed, or you will be risking the health and performance of your system. Instead, contact Matchtec today for a hydraulic hose repair in Perth