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Repair and Manufacture of Hydraulic Cylinders

We carry out all repairs to hydraulic cylinders including: resealing, replacing rods and barrels, pistons and heads.

We also manufacture new cylinders from scratch, either as full replacements or from drawings for custom projects.

We only use top quality materials including 4140 chrome bar for all our cylinders.


Hydraulic system fault diagnosis and redesign

Fault finding, repair, redesign of hydraulic systems.

Overhaul of hydraulic pumps, motors, valve bodies etc.


Hydraulic hoses

We supply top quality Gates products. The hose, fitting and swage press are all from the one manufacturer, meaning all our hoses conform to a matched system.


Onsite servicing and repairs

We have a fully equipped workshop to service and repair as required.


Mechanical repairs

All servicing and repairs to road transport, heavy earthmoving equipment and truck mounted cranes. We also undertake ten year major inspections.


Pins and bushes

We are the specialist pin and bush people. As well as supplying standard replacement parts, with our machine shop we can manufacture pin and bushes in house and make custom products.


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    Hydraulic Hose Repairs

    Your Overview of Hydraulic Hose Repairs in Landsdale and Wangara

    If you use hydraulic hoses for any reason in your line of work, the chances are that they are crucial to your business. It could be that you’re using these high-pressure hoses to aid in the operation heavy construction tools, diggers, and the like. It could also be that you’ve got a large vehicle that makes use of hydraulics to function. No matter the reason, you need to ensure that your hoses are well maintained and properly function, and that means getting hydraulic hose repairs in Landsdale or Wangara. More often than not, you’ll be making a call to a skilled technician if something goes amiss, someone like Matchtec, who has experience with hydraulic hose repair in Landsdale and Wangara. It doesn’t hurt to know some general information about hydraulic hoses, and some of the broad strokes when it comes to checking them or replacing them instead of repairs.

    A Few Things to Note About Hydraulic Hoses

    You’re likely well aware that a malfunction can leave your equipment, whatever it is, non-operational. That will necessitate hydraulic hose repair in Wangara or Landsdale, and cost you time if you don’t have any backups in place. Although extensive pressure checks are usually performed on hoses to make sure that they can withstand the forces that they will be subjected to and avoid unexpected failures, there is still the possibility that something could go wrong, and cause the hoses to become inoperable. If there is a leak in the hose, for instance, it will, in many cases, become unusable. Sometimes, you can repair leaks, as the cause may be something like a loose hose nut or a similar issue. In this case, your hydraulic hose repairs in Wangara will be a simple process. If there are cracks in the hoses, or they are worn, for instance, then there may be something more serious at work, and you’ll likely need the professional touch to have them repaired or replaced. In most cases, identifying the sources of any leaks, reducing pressure in the hydraulic system, and carefully removing the hose, are things that your professional hydraulic hose repair gurus can handle with little trouble.

    Your Source for Hydraulic Hose Repairs in Wangara or Landsdale

    If you need assistance with your hydraulic hose repairs in Landsdale or Wangara, you should reach out to Matchtec. We’ve got years of industry experience and dedicate ourselves to getting the job done the first time around. We know how important your equipment is to the functioning of your business, which is why we provide a mobile service that can get to you quickly and repair your hydraulic hoses fast. Downtime on your machinery costs you money, so we put that at the forefront of our minds when providing our high-quality service. We have fully-licensed repairers, and all of our technicians are trade qualified, so rest easy knowing that your gear will be back in working order thanks to their skilled hands. Give us a call on 08 9303 2956 to learn more about how we can help!